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Media Mondays
One media review is due each Monday, for a total of 2-3 per nine-week period.  Occasionally, we may discuss these on Mondays during class, so be prepared to present yours to the entire class.  Participation in discussions  would be a separate grade, however your collection of reviews is worth 2-3 grades for the 9-weeks.

The sources required each semester are:
Newspaper  (1 minimum)
Magazine     (1 minimum)
TV              (1 minimum)
Radio          (1 minimum)
Internet      (1 minimum)

Each review is expected to include (head each section):
* Proper paper heading
* Proper APA bibliographic citation (see Citation
* Summary of piece (1/2 page min.)
       * Brief review of content (1st paragraph)
       * Describe scientific principles of piece (2nd paragraph)
* Purpose of presentation (1 page min.)
       * Even if not discussed in the article, describe impact on businesses and the economy,
          how people's values and beliefs may be altered by this knowledge, what impact there
          may be on society, and any political implications you can think of (mentioned, implied,
          and external, indirect)
       * What else should you know?
* Agree/Disagree with message and explanation why (1/2 page min.)
       * Describe and support your opinion
       * Possibly, also include pros and cons regarding the issue

Helpful resources:
Http://  <- lots to investigate here!

Nature (PBS) -
Scientific American Frontiers (PBS) -
National Geographic Explorer (MSNBC) -
CNN Science and Technology Week(CNN) -
The Weather Channel -
Discovery Channel -
Animal Planet -

Listen live or search archives for subjects that interest you
listen for 60 minutes - segments CAN come from different shows though...)
1) Talk of the Nation Science Friday:
    * 89.9 FM 2-3 p.m. and 3-4 p.m. Fridays (two different topics)
2) Living on Earth:
    * 89.9 FM 2-3 p.m. Saturday
* for a topic)
3) Let me know of others you find!
Last Updated: 12/1/12
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