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Review Game LinksCounty Dock 2005

Review Links

Interactive Activities, the last 8 connect with APES.

Textbook  Quizzes from the Miller book for all chapters 5 pts:

Read and write an outline/summary/power notes for any topic on this site. 15pts:

Special Water Topics from USGS: Read through and sumarize each section on any of these topics(except the surveys). Those listed on the right side are especially important. 20pts:

How Sewer and Septic Systems Work: read and explain each section in 1-2 sentences. 15-pts:

Inside a Solar Cell: Launch the interactive at the link below and summarize the function of the solar cell.(15 pts)

This link opens a file of links to chapter reviews. The chapter numbers are off by one but you can find review games on current chapters. Complete quiz/quizzes and send me your score with a brief summary of what was covered. 10 points each.: modules/groups/homepagefiles/gwp/8944/28479/File/APES Chapter Review Sites.doc

This link takes you to vocab review. Follow the directions above. 10 points each.modules/groups/homepagefiles/gwp/8944/28479/File/APES Vocab Sites.doc

This link takes you to some virtual tours. Complete the vitual tour and the test at the end. Send me your score and notes on your tour. This is worth 30 points.:

This link goes to a Geography Site. Activity 1: Click the World Population Growth interactive link. Complete the assignment for 30-points. Review: Take notes on any of the following sections of the site for 30 points: Ecosystems, Glaciation, National Parks, Rivers, Weather & Climate, Environmental Problems, Landuse, Migration, Urbanization:

The link below goes to an Energy Quest. Select a Chapter(Not the Intro) and write a sentence explaining each image in the chapter. Include a summary of the section. (15-points):

Last Updated: 12/6/08
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