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What is Your Ecological Footprint?             

Level 1              
What kind of mark are you making on the planet? Are you part of the solution or the problem? Take the Ecological Footprint Quiz to see how you are doing.
Record your score: If everyone lived like me it would take ________ earths to sustain us.
What consumption category drove your score up the most? (Carbon (home energy use and transportation), food, housing, or goods and services)
What can you do to become part of the solution? Go to Turn the Tide at New American Dream and review the 9-simple actions that almost anyone can take. As a teenager, there will be some things that you have no control over. List your choices below and explain what simple changes you have selected. What impact will that have? For example, in the summer I do all of my errands that are within a couple miles from home by bicycle. Within a week this amounts to around 20-miles which can reduce my CO2 emissions by 18 pounds.
Changes I can make are: _______________________________________________________________________________________________
The impact of these changes is: _________________________________________________________________________________________

Print out the wall chart into 2-8.5x11 pages. Print on both sides in draft quality. Ask for help if you aren’t sure how to do this. Use the chart to log your activities.

Wall Chart

Level 2: Inspire Others to “Turn the Tide”
Probably the best place to start is in your family. Something as simple as getting everyone to turn off lights and TV’s when they aren’t needed saves a lot of energy and reduces CO2 emissions.
List the people you have involved in “Turning the Tide”. List the steps that they are going to take. Use the “buddy system” as a motivating strategy.
Steps to Turn the Tide
Level 3 Go Public!!
Create a Turning the Tide PSA
This can be done in video, slide, or podcast format. It should be similar to a short commercial in length. The software for assembling your movie is available on the school computers.
To get started, watch the 5-minute video; Making a Public Service Announcement.
Next, go to the Ad Council, the leading producer of PSA’s since 1942. Check out the PSA Gallery for ideas. You can also create a login to view PSA’s and banner ads. A couple of interesting topics that you might want to view are Energy Efficiency and Global Warming. There is also a place to Share Your Voice by placing a widget for your cause on MySpace or Facebook or similar social networking site.
Use the links below as a resource for helpful tips on creating a PSA.

Last Updated: 9/9/12
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